Saturday, April 5, 2014

Breaking the Laws of Heaven

If I could break the laws of Heaven,
find my way to that moment,
Would the paradox be so bad?
Save you from Thanatos' grasp?
Make jealous Oizys?
Making happy days which were once sad?

I walk under this sky full of ghosts
Feeling no warmth from their starry light
My eyes set upon one constellation 
The heart of Leo is but dancing twins
Herschel must laugh at my folly
I curse Chronos and his wheel

Gone is that moment among the glistening sand
As I smash the hour glass on the strand
"Why him?!" I scream into the night
There are no seeds to trade 
A mere bounty for you to enjoy seasons in the sun
Charon refuses my payment to trade our souls
Sisyphus plods along with his stone 
He chuckles, amused with my mortal plot

Gone, they tell me,
Move along your path silly man
Do not look for answers you can not see
No divine law can be broken by your science
Orpheus warns me to not look back and not break the faith