Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Letter to the Editor Northeast Times May 8, 2013

Slow down on Academy Road
Does anyone remember spring of 2011 when Tim Connors was hit by a car right outside of Archbishop Ryan High School?
How about fellow students? Parents? Do you remember?
Well, maybe you need to be reminded of this tragic accident each morning when you’re speeding along Academy Road, going over the 15 mph limit, in a hurry to drop your child off, or maybe you’re a student crossing over two lanes of traffic, cutting other cars off because you’re going to be late?
I see this every single morning on my way to work. Even the school buses leaving the school zoom right by me.
And no one takes notice that the END SCHOOL ZONE sign is a few yards from Comly Road.
Drivers think that they have the go-ahead long before that sign appears. I am disgusted by this behavior by some of these drivers. I’ve got them cutting me off, riding my bumper, all in a hurry to get to the school.
Obey the law.
I wish something could be done. I just hope there’s not another tragedy or an accident due to a parent or student in a hurry. Would you rather get there late or dead?
Heather Steinberg