Friday, September 30, 2011

Heart of Leo

Heart of Leo

Watching shooting stars pass through Leo’s heart
As constellations dance in a celestial waltz
Seven sisters shed tears as I mourn my loss
Your soul echoes in mine

Forever you are loved
As the babe I held
The boy I doted
The man you were to be

I hear your voice and call out to you
Yet all that is seen is a ribbon of a rainbow in the mist above
Lightning flashes distant to the East
Showing me where I am banished from the garden we were to be

Mud covers as I raise myself from your grave
It was not your time, nor God’s plan
An angel guided me to where you died
Held me when I thought abandoned

Under the limelight of a blackened sun
This barrier I put up only caged me
Protecting those left behind from the rage in my heart
As tears fall on the stone with your likeness etched and name engraved

~Martin Connors