Thursday, September 29, 2011

As I Mourn

As I Mourn
Pull down the shades and draw the curtains,
Shut off the phone, lock the door; hang the black wreath
Allow me to feel the pain of my grief
Let me taste the burning salt of my angry tears

An unfinished story; pages torn and ripped out
Dented metal and a boy’s broken body
An angel wishes to escort him Home
Before his soul departs he cries out where he lies

A thought in mind, an undertaken route
A father cries out and curses his God
Pall bearers carry his unburdened weight
As the bagpipe drones out a funeral dirge

An unconditional love since birth
An unconditional love beyond my death
I sit in the darkness mourning my child, my son
My soul torn because your thread was cut short;
Adrift as Virgil contemplates my sins
~ Martin Connors