Saturday, August 8, 2015

I Visit Where You Lay


I visit you where you lay

Awaiting this resurrection that was promised

I visit in the summer heat

I visit in the winter cold

All the seasons gone under the sun

Some flowers I leave

A stone I take

This heart I wear on my sleeve

You were taken from me tears apart my faith

Feeling as if the promise of heaven is make-believe

I dream of you

I talk to you every day

Sometimes I wonder if you can hear in your own special way

Perhaps I will return to dust

Perhaps without this heart like the tin man I will rust

Now I lay me down to sleep

Not caring if the Lord my soul he keeps

The swallows fly

The ravens see

These harbingers they bring me rest

You're amongst angels

Give them my best

A Father's Thoughts on Easter Sunday

A Father's Thoughts on Easter Sunday

When I was a boy I dreamt of Jesus
He handed me a chocolate cross; I refused
Now on this day of Resurrection
I ignore the peel of church bells calling the faithful and sinner alike

Instead I weep at the headstone that marks where you lay
Across the fields children run to and thro
Collecting Easter eggs in baskets
I wonder when I die

Would my faith be questioned as my soul begs entry into Heaven's Gate?
Will I be welcomed by the choirs, thrones, and principalities?
Will I feel God's warm embrace?
Would I face the crucible in the pits of hell?

Oh my child, my son look at what is been done to us

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Archbishop Ryan Class of 2014 June 2, 2014

On June 2, 2014, Georgette and I were invited to the graduation commencement to be presented with Timmy's posthumous diploma by the Class of 2014, Archbishop Ryan High School. 
An empty chair among his classmates where a single rose was set, carried by a daughter of a friend and co-worker.

Receiving the Diploma

AR Class of 2014
Former President of Archbishop Ryan Michael McArdle.

Not one time have these young men and women forgotten Timmy.
Two of the kids whom Timmy had gone to grade school with, but attended a different high schools marked their caps with a memorial for Timmy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

May 17, 2014 Third Angelversary


Four Heart Shaped Balloons sent off to Heaven for Timmy
A Heart Shaped Balloon to mark the area near where Timmy's died

Someone left a Spider-Man mask from a toy at the foot of Timmy's Tree

Timmy's Tree
A Gift of Remembrance from Archbishop Ryan's landscaper and the school

Another view of the Red Heart balloon

Red Ribbon
Tim's favorite color
My sister Jennifer lives in Florida.
 On this anniversary of Timmy's death, this busted red balloon landed at her feet in her driveway.

Heart of  Gold